Important Thing You Need To Know About Betting And Football Tips

  • Posted on: 25 October 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Betting is legal in some countries and serves as an outstanding way to earn huge amounts. There are many people who bet in football games and get football tips from asian bookies to identify the odds and place the right bets. However, there are several other things that need to be known by you in order to have a proper understanding of the betting system. Here are essential terms that need to be known by you.

• Accumulator
It is type of bet in which the money obtained as a result of winning it is used to place another bet. Such betting is not considered as profitable not mostly results in losses.
• Banker
These bets have a high probability to be won. The odds for such bets are likely to below 1.5. If you wish to earn huge amounts, you can prefer placing such kinds of bets.
• Bookie
A bookie is an individual who accepts the bet.
• Decimal odds
The odds which are expressed as decimal with stakes incorporated in the final price are known as decimal odds.
• Double chance
It is type of bet which is provided for a 3 way but the bettor can place bets on any two outcomes. The odds in this case are poor and the investor has a great chance to win.
• Fractional odds
This term is used in Britain to express odds. The stakes here are not included in return.
• Spread betting
It is a method of placing bets where the end result of the bet is not fixed. The odds are spread and the bettor needs to determine whether the occurrence of the event.
So, these are some key terms which can help you in getting the best results when it comes betting on soccer games.
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