Why should you sell your house for cash

  • Posted on: 12 August 2017
  • By: Rebeca

You can ask a real estate agent to quick house sale; Colorado and other places have various real estate agents to help you. However, how to sell a house fast and easily is to opt to sell it for cash.

When you opt to sell your house for cash, you have a number of advantages. You do not need to pay the fees of the real estate agents. These usually are around 1-3% of the selling price of the house in addition to VAT. When you opt to sell for cash, you do not need to pay any fees and there are no valuation costs which need to be incurred or even legal fees. The amount that you decide upon and agree upon with the company that is buying your house for cash is the entire amount you will receive unless of course there are penalties due or debts or mortgages on the house.

When you sell for cash you do not need to first wait for the buyer to sell their house and pay you with the money they receive from their purchaser. This entire process is a chain and very time consuming. This way, you do not need to wait for anyone. It only requires one person to deal with. Also, when there is a whole chain in action, should one person in the chain back out, the entire chain falls apart and you are back to square one all over again and need to restart the entire procedure. However, when you sell for cash, you do not have these kinds of stresses involved.

When you sell to a person for cash, it is a fixed price which you will get. Usually in the chain sometimes the potential buyers try and negotiate even after the price has been agreed upon in order to drop the price.