What are the Types of Manga

  • Posted on: 29 April 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Manga Online can be found in various types. There are those Mangawhich have specific age groups or specific sexes which they cater to. When you Read Manganot all of them are for kids. Unlike animation of other kinds and by other countries, which primarily focuses on kids, here are various kinds of manga which cater to all groups of people from the very young to even mature audiences. There are various manga which have very adult related topics and situations. There are some manga which appeal more to boys and men rather than to women and girls and the vice versa is true too.
Here are the different kinds of these manga. There is kodomomanga which is meant for tiny kids. The next type of Manga are those that are meant for young boys. The counterpart of Shonen are the shojo which are meant for girls. The Seinen manga are those that have young adult men which they cater to and these in addition to having a lot of action and fighting as well as adventure, also have pornographic content at times. Though this is not the main focus of the seinen manga.

There are seijinmanga which mainly cater to males and this has more explicit stuff infact much more than seinen manga. For females there are the lady manga comics which are known as Redisu. In addition to these types, there are the Dojinshimanga which usually are written not only for amateurs but usually by amateurs as well. These are usually self promoted.
Newspapers run manga too and this is known as Yonkoma manga. This usually consists of comics which are 4 panel ones. Mature audiences need not feel left out as there is a separate type of manga which deals with and focuses on serious topics and this is known as Gekiga manga.