What all perfumes do celebrities like?

  • Posted on: 21 March 2017
  • By: Rebeca

A lot of floral and faunal extracts are used in the final make up of a high quality perfume. Some of the plant products include scented flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, natural wax etc. The animal components may include the honey comb, Africa Stone, deer musk and the similar. Depending upon the parameters the perfume is expected to have, other ingredients are added, which are often a part of the secret ingredient list of the brand. This may sometimes also include various artificial chemical components too. However it is an interesting fact to note that, it is the natural perfumes that cost much than the synthetic ones which may guarantee to offer a long shelf life or fragrance.

Some of the popular brands endorsed by famous celebrities include Pulse, Mysterious Girl, Inspire, and Seduction in Black etc. It is also this celebrity status that has added a spike to such brands across the world market and thus making them available to people across the globe. Considering such popularity, many online shops are also offering sales of such fragrances, both in retail and whole sale. Each purchase of the high end perfume brands accompany with them the brand guarantee and other freebies which also as to the charm of the main product.
Most celebrities and net worth individuals and businessmen go for the premium and signature collection of fragrances. These are extremely limited edition collections specially designed by the lead designers themselves. You can see the richest celebrities buying these collections to stand out from the crowd. These collections are designed and released every season and they can range anywhere near a million dollars. It will be available only to a few selected high yield buyers and not openly sold on the market. Needless to say that it is a celebrity only collection and the fragrances are unique and fresh.