Useful Suggestions About Academic Writing

  • Posted on: 14 October 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Writing an academic text, like an essay or dissertation, necessitates particular rules to be detected.

Below are a couple tips, aimed at college students, postgraduates, researchers and academics that will hopefully help you prevent certain mistakes when I write my paperfor academic text.

1) Speech

Prevent using colloquial English

• First: The politician stated he cannot accept this argument, which he'd knock it down logically.

• Amended: The politician denied taking this argument, saying that he'd follow a logical strategy to refute it.

• First: This scientific paper makes certain that the phenomenon is well discussed about.

• Amended: This scientific paper make certain the phenomenon is nicely discussed.

2) Active/Passive

Writing your thesis, dissertation or academic journal from the active voice is far more favored than using the passive voice. This is only because it makes your backup clear to readers.
• First: Proofreading services are considered by students in the UK to become significant.

• Amended: Students in the United Kingdom that proofreading and editing services are significant.

• First: My essay is regarded as up to academic standard with my manager.

• Amended: My manager believes that my essay is left up to academic standard.

3) Contractionsconsider

Don't use some contracted forms of words. Detail the phrases.

• First: The writer could not support his argument from the dissertation

• Amended: The writer couldn't support his argument from the dissertation

• First: This article does not highlight the importance of true scientific paper writing.

• Amended: This article doesn't highlight the importance of true scientific paper writing.

4) End of paragraphs

Though it's grammatically acceptable, it's widely believed that if I write my paper for academic functions, sentences shouldn't end with prepositions.

• First: I spoke with my manager all of the topics that I needed to know about.

• Amended: I spoke with my manager all of the topics of that I needed to know.