Troubleshooting WiFi issues

  • Posted on: 4 November 2017
  • By: Rebeca

It is pretty obvious for any issues or information you want you search on the internet and when the issues are with your internet then you feel really frustrated on where to go. Well don’t worry as these days’ mobile data speeds are decent for basic browsing and you can search over them to quickly find the fix for your WiFi issues and problems.

When you want to troubleshoot router or WiFi connectivity issues always go for a router restart as this is one of the best tips that will work if you are lucky. If you have recently moved to London and attempted a wifi installation london all by yourself, then you are very likely to run into the following issues. Don't get scared as home wifi installation London is not very tough. Rarely you are bound to run into issues and most of them have simple solutions.
We will walk you through some of the common issues you face while setting up and using WiFi at home
1) Password: This is the famous and most common issue of all. You might forget your WiFi password totally. Well the solution is simple, remember the WiFi setup steps?
You need to connect to your router using a LAN cable and re-configure / view the password for your network.
2) Speed: If the speed drops consistently, then you should definitely check with your ISP as most of the issue around speed is with ISP unless and until you
have ten people sharing your router connection.
3) Frequent Disconnections: Well either your router has become old and damaged internally or is of not good quality. In this case, replace it with a brand new and good WiFi router.
If none of them above works call your ISP customer service and arrange for a technician’s visit to debug and troubleshoot as the problem might be because of your incoming phone / internet cable.