Strategies for Purchasing Art Online

  • Posted on: 4 April 2017
  • By: Rebeca

First, a word about my qualifications. Besides being an artist in my own right, and a degree in art, graphics been gathering since 1974. Therefore I have over three decades of expertise. In the first years, I'd go to auction houses and galleries. Some were even held on cruise ships. But I did not have the luxury of using resources that are online until the Internet came into common use in the nineties. Now, areas like EBay have become the dominant type of connecting the buyer together with the seller on an international scale. For the beginner, this might seem as a blessing due to options and all alternatives available. But there are as pitfalls and many challenges .
Assuming that one is Buy art online from limited editions with hand-signed signatures of the artist. That might be accurate for many art and collectors that changes hands. These kind of prints are affordable and far more common. Few people can manage even or an original Picasso etching a Leroy Neiman painting. So, prints are becoming the medium of choice. But prints, which may be etchings, lithographs, serigraphs, or giclees also have spawned a fresh generation of forgeries and frauds. Virtually anyone can use scanners that are modern to recreate a print on photo-quality paper and draw on a signature that promises to be an initial.
The next section of the deceit comes in the COA or "certificate of authenticity" which usually accompanies these prints. The record confirms medium, artist, edition number, the art, as well as other descriptors where the print came from seeing. The situation is just like the signature that is forged. Everyone can state that the print is authentic and design a COA on drawing application or a pc word which seems rather official. They are able to use words including "certificated, official, certified, verified, and authenticated," all they need. But this does not show a thing.