Know how to read Stock market reports?

  • Posted on: 5 April 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Stock market reports are very important to the investors. It is their daily basis duty to track this report and follow the current condition. Though they like to verify reports by themselves, often investors may seek the experts’ advice to analysis the current position of the stock market before making the investment.
You need to learn how to track stock market report. So this writing teaches you to step by step how to follow a stock report.
Learn how to read stock market reports
 Step 1: Visit any financial website where stock market reports are being shown. You can also access business TV channels, but visiting website means you would always get detailed and elaborate report
 Step 2: Checking ticker is also another way to know about the status of current stock market information. You get ticker is running the bottom of the TV screen on the business channels.
 Step 3: Get familiar with the terminology that has frequently been used in the stock market report; such as P/E- price /earnings ratio, 52WHigh/ Low- it is the last year’s highest and lowest price of the stock market. To follow the stock market report one should have known these abbreviations.
 Step 4: Don’t forget to write down the current price because the time to time it fluctuates.
 Step 5: Go through 52WHigh/ Low price to know the rate of fluctuation.
 Step 6: Look out the dividend if the company has offered. If there is no dividend, the gap is filled with a dash.
 Step 7: Then start calculating EPS and P/E ratio. High P/E ratio always signifies higher earnings in future.
 Step 8: Look at the stock volume; it gives clear idea about its current status.
 Step 9: Find out the high and low range. Having seen the range of the column, you can understand the volatility of the stock market.
Before going through us stock market report, one should know how to read the stock report.