How to control diseases caused by poor water sanitation and hygiene

  • Posted on: 28 August 2017
  • By: Rebeca

In schools, kids are taught to wash hands especially before eating and after using the toilet but sadly, there are many areas in this world where neither proper toilets nor clean water is available. People die from diseases like cholera and diarrhea, which are caused due to unclean water. According to estimation, 2.1 million people lack safe water and go in open for the toilet. However worldwide organizations are trying to give this basic necessity to everyone but this project needs a lot of time. While government and other organizations are doing their part, citizens should also take steps to make their living better and healthy.

How to control diseases caused by poor water sanitation and hygiene.

Keep hands clean: It is really sad to know that there are still some areas where people use mud to clean hands and not consider children’s feces harmful so not bother to wash hands after touching it. Steps should be taken to aware them about these filth and also about the importance of soup.

Sanitation facilities: If people can't do much then at least they should make sure that their human excretion doesn't get mixed with water and other things, which they used to drink or eat. Try to flush waste through pipelines in some gutter.

Disposal of garbage: Make proper system for disposal of garbage, especially waste from industries should be disposed off by all means otherwise it will go into rivers or soil and pollute them too.

Make sure your kids are clean and germs free: Mostly kids are victimized by diseases caused by poor water sanitation and hygiene. So tell them to clean hands with soup before eating anything and after using the toilet.

Use Boil water: Best things mothers do is to use boil water for drinking and cooking. Boiling water for 10-15 minutes can kill all the germs.