Is Football Index a Gambling or A Trade?

  • Posted on: 26 October 2017
  • By: Rebeca

For years people have been investing in the stock trade in all countries and making big money out of this trade and this is the trade where people having surplus funds acquire a membership of the stock exchange in their country where they trade in stocks - buy and sell stocks of listed companies. There is good news for Football lovers who are investors in some trade with a purpose of earning big profits. Football stock exchange, a unique concept named Football Index, is an opportunity for these lovers to associate their passion for Football on the this first football stock market of the world launched in UK that allows Football fans to trade not on stocks but on futures in top players. This is not a country-based stock market but a global exchange allowing members from all countries across the globe.

Features of Football Index

You can access to the features of Football Index and a complete guide to enter this trade by visiting the website. The website provides all updates and news about Football index review from time to time. While dealing on Football Index, you bet on the future value of the players in coming days or thereafter like a stock exchange where you buy a stock in anticipation that a stock will rise in the future and you earn profits. Most people consider it like bookmakers because of betting, but it has no comparison with that in the sense that a bet is not completed in Football Index if you lose and your stake is not lost in full and that’s why it is more appealing compared to bookmakers.

Is it a real gambling?

When you consider its dealings like a stock exchange, it would be wrong to assign a status of gambling to the Football Index, but betting itself is a gambling and this is the reason it is styled in this category.