Is calcium supplement helpful in increase height?

  • Posted on: 11 August 2017
  • By: Rebeca

As you all know that calcium is very helpful for bones and increase in height. Calcium helps in increasing the bone density and make them strong. If person take calcium in proper way then increase their height before the age of 24. Calcium is absorbed by body with the help of vitamin D, and you get vitamin D from sunlight.

Calcium helps in grow taller

People need to take good amount of calcium to increase their height from different sources. Milk is best source of calcium and you can increase the height after 24. It also depends on what diet you are taking and workout or physical activity is important. So friends if you want to increase your height after after 24 then you need to follow these tips.

Drink milk: Drink 2 glass of milk every day to increase the height. It is helpful in increase the bone strength.

Vitamin D: people need to eat vitamin D for absorb calcium in body easily.

Exercise: exercise is very helpful in increase the height of person. It makes bone strong and healthy also help in absorb calcium in body. When you do exercise body use fat as energy and absorb calcium. People can do many exercise like jogging, running, swimming, gymnastic, yoga, etc.

Calcium supplement: people also need to take calcium supplement to increase height and they give best results while you exercise. These supplements easily available on medical store but first consult with doctor.

Healthy diet: if person want to increase the height then they need to take healthy and balanced diet with high protein, green leafy vegetables and milk. A person also drinks plenty of water to increase the height.

If a person follows all these steps seriously and with that he side by side taking grow taller supplements that are fda approved then you see the change in your height.