The Arabic Video And Performance

  • Posted on: 20 March 2017
  • By: Rebeca

The most common way in which most Arab pop stars are discovered is through the video; in as much the most famous one is chosen and the video for such is made. It is important to know that music videos are mostly the same thing as what is experienced and functional in the West; having some small storyline as well as dance scenes that is very exciting and impressive. These features therefore make folk songs (اغانى شعبى) or اغاني عربيه (Arabic songs) to be so significant and outstanding throughout the globe. There is no doubt about it that music channels are very popular both in Middle East and even in the North Africa; places where about forty channels are existing. One of the most popular companies that run about six Television channels is known to be Rotana. Also has a record labels as well as a rosters of hundred and above of Arabian top pop musicians or khalij songs (أغاني خليجيه) artists.

The method of performance in Arab download songs (تحميل اغاني) is familiar with that of the West. When talking about music videos, it has been observed that most female artists that sing Arabic songs (تحميل اغاني) are being seriously criticized for their actions as regards suggestive dancing as well as skimpy costumes. In fact, Nancy Ajiram and Haifa Wehbe have made move to sell concerts out based on that particular reputations. Arabic songs (اغاني عربيه) also known to beArab music videos are so popular and very common among many local youth both in the North Africa and even place like Levant. It has been noticed that Most Gulf countries are recognized to ban or even censor the music videos that they see or observe to be inappropriate. Countries like Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Morocco and Syria have showed the tendency that seem so little to ban or censor of music video compared to Egypt that has identified with ban of sexual and music videos that seems explicit.