Advantages of Clear Burglar Bars against Steel Bars

  • Posted on: 23 March 2017
  • By: Rebeca

The clear burglar bars trellidoors are clear and have many benefits over the traditional steel bars.
• The clear bars are transparent and they allow 100% penetration of light transfer through windows and doors unlike the steel bars which cut the light transfer upto 25% of light is blocked out of the standard size window and door.

• The clarity of the burglar bars is 100% and the outside view is not at all obstructed and thus it allows you to enjoy the surrounding environment and complete view from your doors and windows.
• It is also well known that the steel burglar bars create the feeling of jailed bars and thus this is considered as a last resort for their home. Thus, after installation of clear burglar bars strength along with beauty are combined perfectly and there is immediate change your jailed home to the castle home.
• The clear burglar bars are made up of polycarbonate that to only virgin polycarbonate. Virgin polycarbonate means that no regrind or reconstituted material is used. Polycarbonate material is an indestructible transparent sheet which is been used for about 50 years and is used in industry where there is a requirement of strength and also transparency. The most important application of polycarbonate is in bulletproofing, airplane windows, bank teller protection, and riot shields for police, also used in NASA for protecting the astronauts in the space. The Sheer Guard clear burglar bars have added the advantage of protection from UV2 lights thus offering the long life under harsh weather conditions.
• Another important advantage or strong feature of polycarbonate is its flexibility that is a part of its strength. For example, if a burglar or thief is equipped with a spanner or a wrench and is trying to attempt to break the window which is protected with clear burglar bars, believe us, he will fail to do so because of the presence of the recoil effect which is created by this inherent flex property of the polycarbonate.
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