ASPO Peak Oil Conference

Wed. Oct. 25 to Fri. Oct. 27, 2006 (Plus Evening & Sat. Sessions) - Boston University, GSU, 775 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA - Experts to discuss impacts of - and responses to - Peak Oil

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil-USA (ASPO-USA) and Boston University’s Center for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEES) will co-sponsor the 2006 World Oil Conference, Time for Action: A Midnight Ride for Peak Oil, on the BU campus October 25-27, 2006. The Conference will bring energy experts from around the world to discuss the likely timing, impacts, and intelligent responses to the growing Peak Oil challenge. Virtually every sector of our society and economy will be affected by Peak Oil, from transportation, manufacturing, air freight, and agriculture, to homebuilding, city planning, and finance.

» Source: Global Public Media

“For the first time in history, demand for petroleum could outpace world supply for a host of reasons – including geologic limits, exploding nationalism, civil wars, and skyrocketing demand in China and India,” says Steve Andrews, a co-founder of ASPO-USA. “We’re not saying that we’re ‘running out of oil’ when the peak hits. We’re saying the world is running out of cheap oil. We’ll simply produce less oil each year after the peak, while demand continues to increase. Peak oil is an ambush-in-waiting.”

As a nation long ‘addicted to oil,’ why didn’t we see the early warning signs, go to rehab, and sober up years ago?

“Policy makers and media have been misled for decades by flawed supply and demand projections from government agencies, major corporations, and private studies such as the recent report by Cambridge Energy Research Associates, (CERA)” says Randy Udall, another co-founder of ASPO-USA. “A rebuttal of these flawed projections is being prepared right now by members of the ASPO-USA Advisory Board.” Udall invites decision makers to read the rebuttal, due in late September, and attend the October ASPO-USA conference to get the hard facts on Peak Oil. The ASPO-USA Advisory Board includes some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of petroleum geology, exploration, and energy analysis.

“What better place than Boston to hold A Midnight Ride for Peak Oil?” asks Matthew Simmons, Chair of ASPO-USA’s Advisory Board. “We are recruiting the best minds in the business - geologists, industry experts, academics, and environmentalists – to take up arms with scientific data to meet the historic challenge of Peak Oil.” Simmons is author of the WSJ-listed best seller, Twilight in the Desert – The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy.

For Conference details, please see: 2006 Boston World Oil Conference.


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